“to get along with your neighbor, hand him down all your history!”

The Gruppo Storico has been carrying on a “school project” for some years which is addressed to the primary school of Volterra and Montecatini Val di Cecina; it aims to hand down to young (and never forget) the noble art of flag-waving, that has been brought on in Volterra for more than 35 years.
The project is made in cooperation with flag-wavers, musicians and figurants, who teach children the medieval history of Volterra, particularly the XIV century, the time the group had its roots; the aim is to let the young get to know the Gruppo Storico as an association and its activity that can be also considered just as a sport; the initiative won approval among teachers and students, who watch with great interest and attention the projection of videos and pictures showing the history of the Gruppo and its participation to events and contests in Italy and abroad.
During these meetings, there are flags, drums and clarions that, after being shown, are used by the children under the careful supervision of the teachers; the project ends everytime with the visit to the seat in Via Firenzuola, where the musicians and the flag-wavers host the school classes with their performances held in front of happy children and teachers. We believe we can transmit the strength and the social values of this group through the visual and practice experience, where, besides learning to handle flags and music instruments, we also learn what real friendship and the sense of belonging to our city through our history.