The Group Social Life

“Passion runs higher if it’s shared”

In so many years of history and common life, there have been people joining the group and people coming out from it; some of those people are still part of this group and dedicate most of their time to the managing of the group itself, together with the new ones, thus creating a strong relationship carried on by a great passion. This passion, together with the work and the shared social life, made the friendship among the Gruppo Storico members more and more solid over the years, as something that goes beyond a simple sport association; the group, for many people, is like a second family.
The Gruppo Storico have been welcoming old and young people since 1984 at its seat located in Via Firenzuola in Volterra; this place was taken by the Group through the assignment of independent premises occurred in that year: thanks to the mediation of the municipality of Volterra, it was possible to lease the former laundry belonging to the Conservatorio di S.Pietro (St.Peter conservatory) and part of the enclosed park; the building and the park were in bad conditions but the work of most of the members improved the existing seat; it is also thanks to this building and its unique surrounding area that the relationship and bound among the members have been constantly increasing and developing.
Having this seat allows to put in practice on of the strengths of the group and one of its main principles: to welcome anyone with no fee for participation, just asking the members to voluntarily carry on the group itself with passion and realize common goals; having a seat like this helps to strengthen the bound among different generations of members: here we have training sessions, we prepare the customes and take care of them, as well as for the other “tools” for the parades and trophies; here we have parties, we joke and play, we console ourselves when something went wrong and we get the power to carry on through difficulties; anyone who passes through the gate of Via Firenzuola discovers the strenuous work of that people who want to build and bring on the genuine identity of the Gruppo Storico, searching for those cultural values rooted in our past.