The Costumes Rental

“people’s costumes and fashions change like the leaves on the branch, some of them come and some other go”
Dante Alighieri

The historic Group Sbandieratori citta’ di Volterra is provided with a large selection of medieval clothes for men, women and children, perfectly linked to the historical period in which the Volterra flag-wavers had their roots; each of them unique in its genre, the clothes have been manufactured hand-made after a long and accurate work of historic research; their shape perfectly reflects the medieval fashion between the end of the XIV century and the beginning of the XV century; wearing these clothes will bring you back in the past and will let you have a unique, original and fascinating experience to live; dame, merchant, noble, friar, plebeian..just make your choice and become part of the medieval life as a main character; we are always available at our Bottega del Sarto (tailor shop) inside Palazzo dei Priori located in the homonymous Piazza dei Priori (the main city square) on the occasion of the medieval recollection day “ Volterra A.D 1398”, that takes place every year in our city, and anytime through our contacts available on the website.