Our History

The Historic group Sbandieratori e Balestrieri Citta’ di Volterra (Flag-wavers Group City of Volterra) was born in 1978, upon the initiative of the local AVIS section (blood donors association) , based on historical documents attesting the presence of flag-wavers in medieval Volterra. The aim is to re-propose the traditions, symbols and roots of the city history and culture. Since then it has been called to perform several time both in Italy and abroad, gaining lot of success everywhere due to the elegance of their costumes and the skill of its flag-wavers and its musicians. In 1980 it joined the FISb (Italian flag-waving federation). It is currently composed of about seventy figures among flag wavers, musicians, banner-bearers, paggios, ladies and soldiers, who wear costumes which trace back to the late fourteenth century, whose drawings are taken from the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Volterra. There are numerous succesfull outcomes made by the group in major national and international tournaments: among others the conquest of several repeated titles of Italian championships in the specialties of the Traditional Single and Musicians. In its performances, the Group ranges in the classic field of traditional game with the flag and the choreography and the games are inspired by historical facts that took place in the medieval and Renaissance Volterra. According to the space available, on the occasion of feasts, popular events, historical re-enactments, whether these concern with sport, cultural or religious nature, the Volterran flag-wavers, ambassadors of peace worldwide, always give strong emotions with the choreography and “single” games where a flag-waver, like a juggler, twirls up to seven flags at the same time, the “couple”, where two flag-wavers, as in a duel, as if they were gladiators exchange their flags in perfect sync, or games of “Team” where the flaming drapes seem to dance to the sound of the drums and the clarinets and suddenly they fly up to the sky exploding in a wave of color. The Volterran flags flew to Italy, the Republic of San Marino, Vatican City, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco, India, Japan, China and Finland. Among the other activities that the Flag-throwing Historic Group City of Volterra performs in its headquarters in Via Firenzuola, we remind the flag-wavers and music courses, the organization of ASTILUDIO and the SPRING GIFT, the medieval hand-made clothes shop where there are packed and hired clothes that faithfully reproduce the fashion of the Middle Ages, the active collaboration in the organization of VOLTERRA AD1398, the medieval festival that involves the whole city in the third and fourth Sundays of August.